What is Cryptocurrency Anyway?

Ever heard of cryptocurrency? How about Bitcoin or even Dogecoin? Chances are you have. So what exactly is it? And what’s the obsession with it in today’s society? Cryptocurrency can be complicated. Wikipedia defines cryptocurrency (or crypto) as “a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records areContinue reading “What is Cryptocurrency Anyway?”

The Investors Basics

There’s a certain romanticism associated with the stock market. It promises riches to an average person with very little effort involved. It’s also intimidating due to the prospect of losing it all constantly looming overhead.  Watching your own money rise and fall with no control causes many novices to retract. It can be very overwhelmingContinue reading “The Investors Basics”

Your Guide to Financial Freedom in 5 mins

Money makes the world go ‘round! That’s the old adage at least. So if money does move our world, it makes sense that it’s so important to organize and manage. Your own personal finance management journey is unique to you and you alone. The idea of having your money and assets organized and manageable isContinue reading “Your Guide to Financial Freedom in 5 mins”

Creating an Email Campaign

Twisted Road is a company made to fix this problem and connect motorcyclists from across the country. They offer the option of either renting a motorcycle or renting out your own. Either way is very safely insured through a third-party insurance worth thousands in reimbursements and through their rigorous background checks of each motorist. SinceContinue reading “Creating an Email Campaign”

5 Things Non-Technical Founders Need to Launch a Tech Startup

Tech startups can be amazing. They are innovative, creative, and can become very lucrative if done right. Not only that, but they often have a great work culture and are constantly growing.  Twenty years ago, Blockbuster was at every corner of every shopping plaza in America. Now they’re obsolete because of software services like Netflix,Continue reading “5 Things Non-Technical Founders Need to Launch a Tech Startup”

Comfort; Everyone’s Monster

“Complacency is a state of mind that exists only in retrospective: it has to be shattered before being ascertained.” –Vladimir Nabokov  Everyone has a different idea of personal success. Although when most people think of “success”, they often think of comfort. They want money so they can live comfortably. They want a job that they’reContinue reading “Comfort; Everyone’s Monster”

Experience of an Effective Leader

I first became a manager when I was 19 years old. I fully expected it to be the same sales job as before; just add monitoring employees. I was fully underprepared for the difference. There is so much more to leadership than that. Whether you are a manager or not, leadership skills are indispensable. SuccessfulContinue reading “Experience of an Effective Leader”